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A lecture for youths urges abstinence from sex

From gloria a.Hoffner, very unusual to the inquirerposted:Late 02, 1989

A lot 1.2 million American teenagers became expectant in 1988.Associated with those, finished Uk cheap lacoste 420, 000 received abortions.Large numbers more teenagers suffered

These statistics from government employees centers for disease control are well known to molly kelly, a philadelphia woman who over the past 14 years, she has described sex to more than 50, 000 young people a year at private and public high schools throughout the country.

Kelly's solution the sexual crisis facing teenagers in the '80s is chastity.

Undaunted by studies that show a high level of sex among teenagers, kelly is constantly on the spread her message of abstinence.

"I'm not naive enough to feel that kids aren't going to do it, said kelly felix, before accosting a group of students.

On wednesday, kelly spoke to much more 1, 500 eighth graders from 37 delaware county catholic schools at cardinal o'hara graduation in sringfield.The presentation was the second annual chastity day sponsored by the delaware county pro life coalition.

Kelly spoke Uk lacoste cheap in an audience where posters contained chastity slogans such as"Visit the lips"Plus"Sex is like driving you will need a license for both,

She told the students about the statistical failure rates of artificial contraceptive methods for example, a 14 p'cent failure rate for condoms.

Such product flops, she referred to, have serious outcomes.

"If a condom fails and you conceive, you receive a life, said kelly felix.

"When a condom fails and a person receive aids, you fail a life,

She urged the scholars to rely on self control, rather than contraception, for 100 percent defense against pregnancy and venereal diseases.

And kelly told of the response she gets from adults when she speaks about teenage sexual practices.

"People hear what i talk about, and they mentioned to me one of three things, said kelly felix. "Yet:'Teens is enough it anyway;' 'Some teens does not ever change';And 'it's none of yourOrganizations.Or"

As a result, kelly said she believes adults must be willing to reach out to younger people and talk to them about sex, and have faith in the incredible to exhibit self control.

As for the sexuality of the country's teenagers being"None of her companies, kelly truly disagrees.

"Whenever a friend who is in trouble you can say, 'this is amigo, and i don't care what her troubles are, i'll like her in either case, or"Said kelly felix.

"Or feasible say, 'this is mate, and i'll try to help, ' that is my position,

Theresa lacoste, 13, Burberry Bags from my lady of peace school in ridley township, said she appreciated the way kelly spoke to the scholars.

"I think she is very honest and make anything up, menti one d lacoste.''You could really believe what she says,

Several children, incorporating richard williamson 13, of holy cross university or college in springfield, said they appreciated in excess of what kelly did not talk down to them, but basically the facts.

Anthony fermane, 14, of street.Eugene's college in primos, said he hoped the scholars paid attention.

"I think students are going to do it, but i think they should stay away from sex like she said and avoid a lot of problems, fermane claims.

"I think they should set up support meetings for young students who want to use self control rather than condoms, pills and pack,

Teen worth, a teen chastity support group from the catholic youth Lacoste uk sale institute of the philadelphia archdiocese, concluded the chastity day events with skits on how teenagers could handle difficult sexual eventualities.

In one model, a member of the group portrayed a young girl who had become pregnant as a result of her first sex.

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