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Am i right to think i really needs to be looking in the 4000 cu.Present when.Range for size?I've done a fair bit of treking, but i've always just borrowed gear and now i've started slowly accumulating my own so i'm not sure a whole lot about technical aspects.

Tips for specific brands are okay, but i feel like i have already a pretty good idea of that(Lowe alpine, gregory, marmot, osprey, and so on. )Specific pack suggestions would be better.I'm 5'11 and male if that causes any difference.

Plus, 225 would be a stretching program things.Stuff in the 175 200 range will likely be ideal.I realize dropping 400 on an arcteryx bag would get me quality, but i just cannot do that.

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The biggest part finding a good backpack is trying it on and seeing what is comfortable for you it's like buying a mattress.Or independent alpinism store and tell them exactly what you wrote here.

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Have you spent much time fitting different packs at a specialty outdoor shop?That i used to work at one, and we'd spent an hour or more with leads, fitting them into our sample packs loaded up with plenty weight so they could see if the fit was good.Sometimes it's not only about specs and volume, but relating to fit(Like how one girls feels comfortable to you but not someone else).

So my suggestion is to to go to your outdoor shop and try on several.Everyone!

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I just bought an rei brand pack that i'm pretty proud, although i've only gotten a way to use it once.That is certainly nothing fancy(Especially vs my friend's new arcteryx), But seems to be made pretty solidly and has exceeded presumptions so far.For the amount(That could be cheap), I think its hard to get over.I think that 4000 cu in are likely to be a tad small for week long trips you can probably get by, but good for you tight.I do primarily weekend/long weekend trips so i was looking in that size in the beginning, but ended up using a slightly larger pack(4800 cu operating across)So i could do longer trips without the need for a bigger pack, then again ymmv.

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This should really depend on what size/shape you are.When you pretty average, you often will get away with a rei/ems bag, but to shed weight huge, miniature, or oddly shaped you must splurge.

I may be both tiny and oddly shaped, so i got a gregory bag many of their models have harnesses and hip belts that swap out North Face Outlet UK and come in multiple sizes so you can adjust a gazillion ways.And ask last years model.Spend a lot of time fitting.

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I'm not sure how much the weight of the pack matters to you, but here i will discuss posted by gregr at 11:49 AM over March 5, 2009

Some.Helps improve my.It holds 3800 cu in with the top rolled down North Face UK Outlet even more if you stuff the lid.Lots of em for under $150 now.3 lbs too If you can discover a place to go try it on, Do it now.

L.Listen to bluedaisy's rule.

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I'm perfectly pleased about my old, outdoor frame jansport carson 90(Bought 5 many many miles ago for $60 and is still perfect! ), North Face Sale But if it breaks or I opt with an internal frame, I have my eye with regards to the Kelty Red Cloud.

I second what other marketers have said:Go try some on and watch which fits you best.Take advantage of the staff's knowledge want.Pack initially feels uncomfortable doesn't mean a few tweaks couldn't make it perfect.Rei is a great store for window shopping and particular sorts of gear, but you will probably find much better prices elsewhere including their own website.

Btw i prefer external frame because i love to Jackets Sale UK lash stuff to the frame, wedding ceremony it's just easier for me to handle.Most others will take issue.

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Unlike when you are what coolguymichael has said, please invest in a local shop.Please funds that guy who comes in, spends 2 hours using staffmember, and next buys online.You should buy packs online more cheaply(Partly)As they do not provide you with that invaluable help.

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Avoid, i should rephrase for those who have a local gear shop, go there and spend additional $$.If in your situation is rei or bass pro or one of the other big guys, don't feel below par about buying online.

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